Summer Busyness

We have a busy summer ahead for HIS Life students!  That either made you a little bit excited or it made you cringe a little bit thinking about the already busy schedule you have.  The good news is, we share your pain and excitement because I'm sure there is a little bit of both when you think about the busyness of your lives.

Summer is always busy for HIS Life with Falls Creek coming up June 3-8th, followed by our Amarillo mission trip July 7-13th.  In between these days, we usually have other smaller trips and events planned.  We do this intentionally because we believe in intentional discipleship. Falls Creek lets us go to a place where we can show the kids what a walk with Christ is like when you unplug from the pressures/distraction of social media, surround yourself with like-minded Christians, read and dwell on the word of God, and spend time with the Father in prayer.  This sets us up to go and serve in Amarillo with the right heart: a heart of worship.  For every bit of fun that we have at Falls Creek, we work equally as hard at Amarillo.  We sweat, we love on the children, we work our tails off for those that can't repay us, and we do it with a smile because our hearts are full of God's love as we do it.  

Our youth leaders wanted to make sure our parents of our youth and our church family at HIS Life know there are many ways you can get involved and help.  The number one most important thing you can do is pray.  As a pastor, I can't tell you how uplifting and encouraging it is when I get a random text, phone call, or someone comes by just to simply tell me they are praying for our trip and for the leaders and students.  

Secondly, you can come with us.  We have a need for help for any and all talents. If you don't feel comfortable talking much, we have places you can serve in the background. Want to get more involved in knowing the youth (I promise you it would bless you more than you know), then we have many areas we need small group leaders and/or chaperones.  

Thirdly, you can help us prepare.  Our leaders that are often planning activities, writing sermons, creating videos/graphics; doing anything and everything to make these an enjoyable and learning experience for the youth, are those same leaders that are spending hours in Sam's buying supplies, loading and hauling food/equipment up early to Falls Creek, picking up vans, and trying to plan.

We just wanted to take the time to fill you in on what all we have going on as well as present you with an opportunity to serve.  Also, please remember, it's often that person that thinks they don't have any skills to be used that are the absolute most used by God.

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